Flow Markers

A flow marker saves test data and decisions that advance a flow execution to a specific point (mark). It allows you to jump directly to a specific point in the flow rule without having to input the same information every time to reach that point. In automated unit testing runs, the flow markers are used to advance the execution of a flow to that point.

The following tabs are available on this form:

You must have the AutomatedTesting privilege to be able to work with flow markers. For information about how to enable this privilege, see About Automated Unit Testing.

Ordinarily, flow markers are created automatically as you test flows. They are not typically created by using a rule form. However, you can open and review the Flow Marker rule forms.

Flow marker rules belong to a RuleSet and version, but they do not appear in the Application Explorer display.


Use the Test Cases tab of the rule form for the associated flow to see the saved flow markers for that flow.

Where referenced

Flow marker rules are referenced:

  • In the Test Cases tab of a flow's rule form.
  • During playback of a flow's recorded test case.


Test case flow markers are instances of the Rule-AutoTest-Case-FlowMarker class. They belong to the SysAdmin category.