Connect Cassandra form - Completing the Mappings tab

Connect Cassandra form – Completing the Mappings tab

Use the Mappings tab to map the table fields in the data source to the Pega Platform properties. Defining mappings assumes that you have configured the connection settings in the Service tab.

Mapping Source

The mapping source section displays the tables available through the connection defined in this connect rule.

  • Select the data source's keyspace.
  • Depending on the keyspace selected in the previous step, select one of the available tables.

Data Mapping

Define how to map columns in the selected table to properties.

  • Select the property to be mapped to the row ID. For example, .Customers.ID.
  • In the mappings grid, use the add item and delete actions to set the mappings. Each mapping is configured by defining the data source column (for example, customers:Name ) and mapping it to a property (for example, .Customer.Name ).