About Connect HTTP rules

The HTTP integration interface supports interactions between your Pega Platform applications and other systems through HyperText Transport Protocol.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Use HTTP connector rules when you want your application to send XML or string data (text) as messages to an external system without the need to comply with messaging standards or protocols like SOAP.

Connect HTTP rules provide a low-overhead, stateless alternative to SOAP.


Use the Application Explorer or Configure > Integration > Connector Definitions & Simulations to list the Connect HTTP rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Connect HTTP rules that are available to you.


The Connector and Metadata wizard does not generate HTTP connector rules. Configure them directly using the Connect HTTP rule form.

The HTTP connector supports sending and receiving attachments with the HTTP response message. For more information, see Pega Community article How to configure a SOAP or dotNET connector to send or receive SOAP with attachments.

Where referenced

Connect HTTP rules can be referenced in an Integrator shape ( Integrator ) of a flow rule, or on the Definition tab of a Data Page rule, as the source of data for the contents of the data page.


Connect HTTP rules belong to the Integration-Connectors category. A Connect HTTP rule is an instance of the Rule-Connect-HTTP rule type.