About Connect JMS rules

Use Connect JMS rules to define and configure a connector to an external system that uses the Java Message Service API.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Complete the Service tab and connect to a JNDI server before completing other tabs on this form.


Use the Application Explorer or Configure > Integration > Connector Definitions & Simulations to list the Connect JMS rules in your application.

Use the Records Explorer to list all Connect JMS rules that are available to you.


See Pega Community article JMS Connectors and linked articles for examples and additional documentation.

To debug your application, you can simulate a JMS connector when the external system is unavailable or lacks a test environment. See Creating Connector Simulations.

Where referenced

Connect JMS rules can be referenced in an Integrator shape of a flow rule.


Connect JMS rules are instances of the Rule-Connect-JMS rule type. They are part of the Integration-Connectors category.