More about Connect MQ rules


While testing Connect MQ rules, you can view the request queue and the response queue. Click the Open icon next to the Request Queue Name or Response Queue Name (on the Service tab) to start the MQ Explorer. You can also start the MQ Explorer from the Queue Name fields on the MQ Properties tab of the MQ Listener form, or from the MQ Explorer button on the Environment tab of the MQ Server form.

(For an example, see Pega Community article How to debug MQ connectors using BROWSE, PUT and GET message operations. )

Calling activity

To start an MQ connection and execute a Connect MQ rule, create an activity that:

  1. Creates a named page that is the source and destination of data mapping.
  2. Opens the Connect MQ rule on a named page of class Rule-Connect-MQ.
  3. Using that page as a step page, uses the Connect-MQ method.
  4. Checks the status values returned.

If this activity is in a class derived from the Work- base class, you can set the Activity Type to Rule Connect and reference the activity in a flow rule.

Performance Statistics

For information on gathering performance information about this connector see Testing Services and Connectors, a document on the Integration pages of the Pega Community.

Simulation and testing

To debug your application, you can simulate an MQ connector when the external system is unavailable or lacks a test environment.

For more information on testing connectors, see Testing Services and Connectors, a document available on the Integration pages of the Pega Community.