Correspondence Types form - Completing the Correspondence tab

Complete this tab to identify the concrete classes Data- classes that at runtime contain the address, the body, and other properties of the correspondence items of this type.

Field Description
Correspondence Class

Identify a concrete class that derives from the Data-Corr- abstract class — a class that can contain each item of correspondence. The class you identify must use the properties pyOwnerKey and pxCreateDateTime as key parts.

You can use any of three standard classes or another class you created:

  • Data-Corr-Email
  • Data-Corr-Letter
  • Data-Corr-PhoneText

For example, if you're configuring correspondence of type Email, you can select Data-Corr-Email. Instances of the Data-Corr-Email class are email messages, identified by the owner and the date and time they were created.

Corr Class Data Transform Optional. Identify a data transform for the correspondence class (for example, to set values for properties of correspondence items of this type).
Address Class Identify a concrete class that derives from the Data-Address- abstract class. At runtime, this class can contain the address for each item of correspondence.

For example, an outgoing email can use the Data-Address-Email class. This class contains a property that can store the email address to which the message is sent.