About Correspondence Type rules

A correspondence type rule indicates whether a piece of correspondence is a printed letter, fax, email, or SMS phone text. Each type is associated with a different Data- subclass, such as Data-Corr-Email, that holds the content of correspondence items.

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Where referenced

Correspondence type rules are referenced as the second key part of correspondence rules. Addressee information for correspondence items is stored in subclasses of the Data-Address- class.


Use the Records Explorer to list correspondence type rules that are available to you.


Correspondence type rules are instances of the Rule-CorrType rule type. They are part of the Process category.

Standard rules

The following standard correspondence type rules are installed with your Pega Platform system:

Type Purpose
Fax For outgoing letters to be sent by fax transmission .
Email For outgoing email messages, where the body of the message is stored in an instance of the Data-Corr-Email class and the addresses are stored as instances of the Data-Address-Email class. Outgoing email that is formatted for display on a modern email client program (such as Microsoft Outlook) may contain HTML markup and email attachments copied from work item attachments. Other outgoing email may contain only text.
Mail For outgoing postal letters to be printed. Stores the correspondence body as an instance of the Data-Corr-Letter class, and the address in the Data-Address-Postal class.
PhoneText For short outgoing text messages to be sent to a beeper (pager) or digital cell phones that support the Short Message Service. These messages are sent as outgoing email to an address associated with a cell phone. They must contain only plain text, no HTML markup.