Exporting data into a data set

Export your data to prepare a backup copy outside the Pega Platform or to move data between data sets and the Pega Platform instances. A .zip file that you get as a result of this operation is a package that you need to use when importing data into a data set. You can export data from data sets that support the Browse operation excluding the stream data sets like Facebook, Stream, or YouTube.

  1. In Dev Studio, click Records > Data Model > Data Set and open an instance of the Data Set rule.
  2. Click a data set from which you want to export data.
    The following data set types support export:
    • Database Table
    • Decision Data Store
    • Event Store
    • HBase
    • HDFS
    • Interaction History
    • Monte Carlo
  3. Click Actions > Export.
  4. Click Export and wait until the data is processed.
  5. Click Download file and save the .zip file with data.
  6. Click Done.