About Proposition Filter rules

Proposition filters allow you to define the validity, eligibility, and relevancy criteria for a set of strategy results (propositions). The filters set the proposition's behavior to true (offer the proposition) or false (do not offer the proposition).

The following tabs are available on this form:

You can define logical expressions in the Proposition Filter rule with the When rule and the Strategy rule instances. A proposition filter uses the page count that is provided by a strategy, instead of the strategy results. When a strategy results in creation of one or more pages, its output is interpreted as true. When there are no results, the output is interpreted as false.

Proposition filter records are synchronized with propositions (including versioned and unversioned propositions). Any changes in the associated decision data instances are reflected in the proposition filter records.

Where referenced

Proposition Filters are used in strategies through the Filter component.


Use the Records Explorer to list all the Proposition Filter rules available in your application.


Proposition Filters are part of the Decision category. A Proposition Filter is an instance of the Rule-Decision-PropositionFilter type.