Decision Table form - Completing the Pages & Classes tab

The system uses this tab at runtime to locate properties on the clipboard.

The system fills in one row of this array using the Applies To key part of this decision tree. If your decision tree does not reference any properties other than those in the Applies To class, you do not need to add other rows this array.

See How to Complete a Pages & Classes tab for basic instructions.

If the Redirect this Rule box on the Results tab is selected, this circumstance-qualified rule is redirected and the Pages & Classes tab is not visible.

Field Description
Page Name Optional. Enter the name of the clipboard page on which the property or properties are to be found at runtime. Optionally, add a row with the keyword Top as the page name, to identify a top-level page. The Top keyword allows you to use the syntax Top.propertyref to identify properties, on other tabs of this rule form.

Decision table rules can apply to embedded pages that appear within top-level pages of various names. In such cases, you can use the keywords Top or Parent in the page name here.

Class Select the class of that page.

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