About Declare OnChange rules

Create Declare OnChange rules to run an activity automatically at activity step boundaries when the value of a specified property changes. This capability provides a form of automatic forward chaining.

The following tabs are available on this form:

For example, a Declare OnChange rule can update a year-to-date counter property (an integer) to track how many times a work item status changed in value. Another Declare OnChange rule can compute the average dollar amount of work items entered by a work group, in real time.

Declare OnChange rules can force all processing on a work item to be suspended pending an independent review of the situation. The independent review is supported by one or more flows. This feature can support compliance, fraud detection, and quality control staffs.

Where referenced

No other rules explicitly reference Declare OnChange rules. After you save a Declare OnChange rule, it is run immediately and as needed.


Use the Application Explorer to access OnChange rules that apply to work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all OnChange rules available to you.


Declare OnChange rules are instances of the Rule-Declare-OnChange class. They are part of the Decision category.