Data page rules - Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

Records can be created in various ways. You can add a new record to your application or copy an existing one. You can specialize existing rules by creating a copy in a specific ruleset, against a different class or (in some cases) with a set of circumstance definitions. You can copy data instances but they do not support specialization because they are not versioned.

Create a data page rule by either:

  • Selecting Data Page from the Data Model category in the Records Explorer
  • Clicking Manage and then Create new data page in the Data Explorer

Key parts

A data page rule has a single key part: a page name.

Field Description
Identifier Enter a name for the top-level page created and maintained by this rule. Data pages have names that start with Declare_ or D_ and are case-sensitive. Use only letters, digits, and underscores.

See Understanding page names and reserved pages.

Rule resolution

Limited rule resolution based on rulesets and versions only applies to data page rules. For a node-scope page, choose a name that is unique system-wide. You can create multiple data pages with the same name in separate versions of one ruleset.