Harness and section forms - Adding an Integer Control

Harness and section forms - Adding an Integer control

An integer control is a purpose-specific control. It has properties that let you define its exact presentation behavior.

A preview of the currently selected format displays to the right. You can also preview formats by selecting Actions > Launch in the toolbar and then choosing one of the following preview options: Run Process, Open Portal, Harness Preview, UI Gallery Preview, Skin Preview.

  1. From the Basic control group, select any control.
  2. Drag the control into the layout and release the pointer button to drop the control.
  3. Select the cell containing the rule and click the View properties icon to open its Cell Properties panel.
  4. In the Cell Properties panel, click the change link to open a panel showing different control types.
  • Select Integer from the Purpose specific list.

    The Cell Properties panel shows the type of control you've selected and changes the General and Presentation options according to the control's data type. On the group properties panel, define the instance-specific properties of the layout group: