Creating a notification

In Dev Studio, you can create a notification to inform users about events that they are involved in or interested in.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click Create > Process > Notification.
  2. On the Create form, enter values in the fields to define the context of the notification:
    • Label – Describes the purpose of the notification.

    • Identifier – Specifies a unique identifier for the notification.

      You can keep the default value or click Edit to define an identifier.

    • Add to ruleset – Identifies the name and unlocked version of a ruleset that stores the notification.

  3. Click Create and open to open the Notifications form.
  4. Optional: To prevent the notification from being run when referenced, select Mute notification on the Advanced tab.
    Tip: As a best practice, mute overridden notification rules rather than withdrawing the rules.
  5. Click Save.