Creating email correspondence by using a template

You can create email correspondence from several templates that are included with Pega Platform. Email templates provide greater design flexibility and ensure consistency.

In the correspondence rule, you can create email correspondence by using a template. You can also change templates and upload a custom template.

  1. In Dev Studio, click Create > Process > Correspondence. On the create form, select the Email Correspondence Type and complete the form to create the correspondence.
  2. On the Corr tab of the correspondence rule, click Edit mode and click Templated Email.
  3. Click Pick Template to select from the pre-configured email templates. You also can add your own email template by clicking Load template from file and selecting an email template file.
  4. Click a section of the template to edit and use the rich text editor on the right to add content. You can include properties, paragraph rules, and section rules.
  5. Preview the appearance of the email by clicking Desktop or Mobile.
  6. When finished, save the correspondence rule.