Correspondence rules

Create correspondence rules to define, in HTML, templates for the content of outgoing correspondence. Each correspondence rule contains standard text for one type of correspondence, such as email, letter, or fax. JavaServer Pages (JSP) tags or directives allow correspondence to incorporate property values and calculations.

The following tabs are available on this form:

Informally, correspondence rules are sometimes called templates, as they define form letters for property values.

To send correspondence as email messages, your system must contain an Email Account data instance and connect to a mail server.

Correspondence rules that use JSP tags can incorporate paragraph rules ( Rule-HTML-Paragraph rule type), which provide rich-text editing on the rule form.

Where referenced

Rules of three other rule types can reference correspondence rules:

  • Flows, using Notify tasks
  • Flow actions, indirectly through activities identified on the Action tab
  • Activities


Use the Application Explorer to access correspondence rules that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all the correspondence rules available to you.

After you complete initial development and testing, you can delegate selected rules to line managers or other non-developers. Consider which business changes might require rule updates and if delegation to a user or group of users is appropriate. For more details, see Delegating a rule or data type.


Correspondence rules are part of the Process category. They are instances of the Rule-Obj-Corr rule type.