HTML form - Completing the Pages & Classes tab

Identify what is known about the class of each page that is referenced in the source HTML on the HTML tab. See How to Complete a Pages & Classes tab for basic instructions.

Include a row identifying the class that is the Applies To key part of this rule; it is the default source of property values. You can omit the page name for this row.

Field Description
Page Name Optional. Enter the name of a clipboard page referenced by the source HTML. Optionally, add a row with the keyword Top as the page name, to identify a top-level page. The Top keyword allows you to use the syntax Top.propertyref on other tabs of this rule form to identify properties.
Class Optional. Select the class of that page.
Mode Leave blank unless this page is to be accessed indirectly at run time. Select prompt if the name in the Page Name column is an indirect page name (starting with the Prompt page name prefix) and the system is to verify at run time that the associated page indicated in an activity Call or Branch step exists and has a class that matches the Class value in this row.

An explicit page name is required after the keyword prompt. You cannot use symbolic page names (such as primary or param ).

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