Data Transform form - Remove action


The Remove action deletes the specified target and any associated values from the clipboard.


Remove pyWorkPage.ItemToAdd.Quantity

Relationship settings

The Remove action has no setting for the Relation field.

Supported features

You can use the following items in the Remove action:

  • Properties
  • Pages (top-level or embedded clipboard pages)
  • Page Lists
  • Page Groups
  • Value Lists
  • Value Groups
  • Data pages (pages created by data page rules).
  • Primary keyword and a property (for example, Primary.Firstname )


To remove a top-level page, the page must be specified on the Pages & Classes tab.

You cannot use Top, Parent, or param in the Remove action.

You cannot remove the primary page (the page of the Applies To class of the data transform).

You cannot remove a parameter (specified on the Parameters tab).