More about Property Qualifier rules

Property qualifier rules are referenced on the Property rule form. See Property form — Completing the Advanced tab.

PublicAPI methods

For a property that references the standard pyCurrency or pyUnits qualifier, use the PublicAPI method Dictionary.getPropertyViaQualifier() to identify the companion property that holds the currency code or units.

Other Java methods in the PublicAPI Dictionary class are useful when defining edit input rules ( Rule-Edit-Input rule type) and controls for properties that reference a custom qualifier in your application:

  • hasQualifier()
  • getQualifier()
  • setPropertyValueViaQualifier()

Setting property qualifier values at runtime

On the Advanced tab of the Property form, you normally associate a fixed value for each qualifier listed.

Alternatively, the value can be set or retrieved dynamically, in a Java step, using two Java methods in the ClipboardProperty PublicAPI interface:

public final void setQualifier(String aName, String aValue);
public final String getQualifier(String aName);

These associate a value temporarily with the property. The qualifier (aName) must appear on the Advanced tab of the Property form with a blank value.

Such qualifier values are not saved when a page containing the property is saved. Modifying such qualifier values is not considered an update to the property value for change tracking purposes.

About Property Qualifier rules