More about Validate rules

This rule type lets you change the editing for input fields on an HTML form without creating a possibly complex activity. Rather than modifying an activity, you can tailor the validate rule that determines how inputs in an HTML form are edited.

Use the Obj-Validate method in an activity to reference validate rules and cause the Pega Platform to run them.

You can view the generated Java code of a rule by clicking Actions > View Java. You can use this code to debug your application or to examine how rules are implemented.

Validate rules and Primary pages

  • When an activity executes the Obj-Validate method, the activity does not update the primary page. During Validate execution, the keyword "Primary" references the page the Activity executed against.
  • When a validate rule calls another validate rule, the calling rule does update the primary page.
    • If the Property column is blank, the page the Validate rule executed against becomes the primary page.
    • If the Property column references a page (the step page), the referenced page becomes the primary page.