Parse Delimited rules

Use a Parse Delimited rule to upload data into your Pega Platform system from an external file or files. Within each input record, a comma, tab, quote, or other character may separate fields. The rule extracts the text between the delimiter characters and stores it in a Single Value property or as one element of a Value List property. This rule expects a single row of data.

For complex inputs, one parse rule can call processing that is defined by other Parse Delimited or Parse XML rule.

This rule expects a single row of data. To process files with multiple rows of data, use the Parse Delimited rule in conjunction with a Service rule.

Where referenced

Parse Delimited rules are primarily used for importing character-delimited text with Service File rules.

In addition, an activity can employ a Parse Delimited rule to extract text strings from the value of a property, using the Apply-Parse-Delimited method.


Use the Application Explorer to access Parse Delimited rules that apply to the work types of your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Parse Delimited rules available to you.


Parse Delimited rules are instances of the Rule-Parse-Delimited class. They belong to the Integration-Mapping category.