Parse infer rules

A parse infer rule uses regular expressions to find string matches, and then calls other parse rules to transform the string values to property values on the clipboard.

Note: This rule type is deprecated. Use the @pxReplaceAllViaRegex function instead.

The following table describes the fields and controls that you can use on the Infer tab of the Parse Infer form.

Field Description
Look for Select one:
  • a pattern from — Enter the Name key part of a parse transform collection rule to use as the source for the search. This includes the Java conversion identified on the Transform tab.
  • the string — Enter a literal text string.
Specify Near Qualifier Select to cause this rule to perform a substring search before evaluating the Look for operation.
Near Select:
  • a pattern from — Use a parse transform collection rule to define a substring.
  • the string — Enter a literal text string. In the Include the __ characters before the specified string and Include the __ characters after the specified string fields, specify how many characters before or after the string to begin searching.

(This field is visible only when Specify Near Qualifier is selected.

Place parse information into a Page Named Choose a case-sensitive name for a diagnostic output page created when this rule executes. The class of the page is Code-Pega-Parse.
Validate using When Optional. Select the second key part of a when condition rule to be evaluated before this rule sets property values. If false, no property values are set always.

At runtime, the system uses the Applies To key part of this infer rule as the Applies To key part of the when condition rule.

Place extracted value in: Optional. Select a destination property to receive the matched value.
Also set the following: Optional. Identify additional properties and values to be set following a successful match. Order is significant.
Optional. Identify a target property to be set.
Optional. Enter a constant, property reference or other expression to be the source of a value for the property.