How to unit test a Parse XML rule

You can test a Parse XML rule directly, separate from the activity or other context in your application in which it will ultimately operate.


For a simple test, obtain an XML document containing test data. You can choose to type or paste the data into a form, store it in a local Windows file, or upload it into a text file rule.

Conducting the test

For basics of unit testing, see Unit testing a rule with the Run toolbar button.

  1. Save the Parse XML form.
  2. Click Run or the equivalent keyboard shortcut CTRL + R. A test window opens.
  3. Select a radio button to indicate the source of test data.
  4. If the data is to be entered directly, type or paste the data into the text area. If the data is in a local file, click Browse and navigate to the file. Click OK. If the test data is in a text file rule, enter all three key parts of the rule separated by periods.
  5. Click Execute. A resulting XML document appears in a new window, showing properties and the corresponding values. The clipboard is not altered.

Using the Tracer

To trace Parse XML rules:

  1. Open the Tracer.
  2. Click Settings to open the Tracer Settings panel.
  3. Under the Rule Types to Trace section, select the Parse Rules check box.

See Configuring Tracer settings.