Service COM form - Completing the Service tab

The rule type rule-service-COM is deprecated. Use Service dotNET rules instead.

Use the Service tab to identify the activity that this Service COM rule calls.

Field Description
Primary Page  
Page Class Select the class of the page that the Pega Platform passes to the activity as its primary page. This class is also the class that the activity being called by the service belongs to.
Data Transform Optional. You can identify a data transform in the class identified in Page Class. If you do, the system applies the data transform immediately after it creates the page.
Page Name Enter the name of the top-level clipboard page that the Pega Platform uses as the primary page by the activity being called remotely through COM. The activity property values may be written to or read from this page.

Enter any page name, or accept the default value MyServicePage. (This page name has no special characteristics.)

Service Activity  
Activity Name Identify the name of the activity to run. Enter only the Activity Name part of the key. This activity supports an external interface. This activity is referred to as the service activity because it is available as part of a package of services.

The system uses the value you enter in the Page Class field as the Applies To key part of the activity.

If the activity you select requires parameters, click Params and enter parameter values.

Processing Options  
End requestor when done? Select to have the system end the requestor session after the activity completes and the response is sent.

This check box affects stateful processing only. This check box is ignored when the Processing Mode on the service package data instance is set to Stateless.

Method is read-only Leave cleared in most cases. Select to indicate that each use of this service is not to count as a service invocation under the terms of your license agreement. See Creating a license.