More about Service JSR94 rules

Prerequisites and implementation notes

The client (calling) Java program must execute in the same JVM instance as the Pega Platform server.

This interface operates as a Java process. It does not require the Pega Platform container (such as Tomcat) to be running.

Client-side development

The Service Universal Resource Identifier (URI) of a Rule-Service-JSR94 rule is typically the name of the rule, defined by three key parts:

[package name].[customer class name].[customer method name]

If the external client application requires that the URIs of the services it calls use some other naming convention, you can register a different URI for the service by using the Alternate URI field on the Service tab of the rule.

Performance statistics

Through changes to the prlog4j2.xml file, you can obtain performance statistics on the execution of services. See Performance tool — Statistics for services.

Through changes to the prconfig.xml file, you can be alerted to unusually long service operations. See How to detect lengthy service operations.

As an alternative to updating the prconfig.xml file, you can use Dynamic System Settings to configure your application. See Dynamic System Settings data instances.