Service JSR94 rules

Java Specification Request 94 (JSR 94) describes an Application Programming Interface (API) for rules engines defined by the Java Community Process (JCP). The JSR 94 integration interface makes Pega Platform processing available to external Java applications through JSR 94 invocations to JSR94 service rules.

This service type enables the Pega Platform to be embedded into, and called directly from, any Java program.


Use the Application Explorer to see Service JSR94 rules in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all Service JSR94 rules that are available to you.


Consult the standards documents on the Java Community Process website for a definition of the API methods and the Test Compatibility Kit. The Pega Platform works with JSR 94 version 1.0 jar files.

For a comprehensive description of the development process and a sample, see article Building JSR94 Services (August 2005), a document available from the Integration pages of the Pega Community.


Service JSR94 rules belong to the Integration-Services category. A Service JSR94 rule is an instance of the Rule-Service-JSR94 class.