Service JSR94 form - Completing the Request tab

Complete the Request tab to allow the Pega Platform to parse the JSR94 request.

Input list

Field Description
Map Input List Choose:
  • as a single object value — To indicate that the request contains only a single item, or contains multiple items that are to be parsed by the service activity rather than through mappings defined on this tab.
  • item values individually — To indicate that the request is to be parsed using mapping on this tab.

The first choice maintains compatibility with Service JSR94 rules created in PRPC version 4.

Request Parameters Identify the parameters expected in the request. The request is a java.util.List object:
  • If you chose as a single object value for the Map Input List value, complete only a single row in this array. Enter java.util.List as the Data Type.
  • If you chose item values individually for the Map Input List value, enter a row for each element of the list. Order is significant.
Data Type Enter the Java data type of the item.
Description Optional. Enter a text description of the incoming Java item.
Map To Specify the destination or type of destination for the incoming request:
  • Clipboard — The system maps the data value to the property specified by the Map To Key field.
  • If other choices appear, they each identify a custom function rule in a MapTo library. Review the function rule to determine what it does.
Map To Key Enter the property name to which to map data from the incoming list.

For a java.util.List request, identify a property of mode Java Object List or Java Property List. The property can be an embedded Page List property with a page class that inherits from the Embed-Java- class (that is, it is a Java Page), or a property of mode Java Object List.