Service REST form - Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

Create a Service REST rule by selecting Service REST from the Integration-Services category.

Note: Before you create a Service REST rule, create or identify a Service Package data instance; the name of the service package becomes the first key part of the Service REST rule.

The Service REST rule has the following key parts:

Field Description
URI Template Required. A previously created URI template. The list of URI templates is populated based on the information entered in the Service package name and Service version fields. Click Build URI to create or edit a URI template with the predefined URI syntax.
Note: The first component in a URI template must be a literal.
Identifier The identifier field is populated with a Java identifier that is generated after the URI template field is entered.
Service name Required. A label for the service REST rule.
Service package name Required. The name of the Service Package data instance for this service rule. See About Service Package data instances. If your application is to process requests from this service asynchronously through a background agent, define a Service Request Processor data instance (Data-Admin-RequestProcessor-Service class) with this Service Package Name value as key.
Service version Required. Enter the implementation version for this service rule.