Library form – Completing the Packages tab

List any Java packages used by all functions in this library.

Field Description
Java Packages to Include Optional. Enter into this array a complete list of Java packages to import, for example:
  • java.math.*
  • java.lang.Math
  • java.util.*
  • Pega.*
  • java.text.*

Enter Pega.* to incorporate the PublicAPI.

Library ready to be compiled?

Select this check box and then save this Library form at any time that all the functions associated with this library are ready for compilation.

Clear this check box to prevent compilation.

Generate Library When the function rules in this library are ready to be compiled:
  1. Select the Library ready to be compiled? check box
  2. Save the Library form.
  3. Click Generate Library to cause Pega Platform to create, or update, the entire Java library.

If later you update a function rule or adds another function rule to the library, click the similar Generate Library button on the Parameters tab of the Function form, or open this Library form and regenerate the library again using this button.

Your current ruleset list is not relevant when you generate a library. The system compiles all versions of each function in the library. At runtime, users execute the version appropriate to their own ruleset list.

Do not click this button until you complete testing to confirm that the functions in the library function as intended. If you generate a library that includes compilation errors, but functions have the same ruleset and version as previously generated functions that compiled successfully, the system overwrites the older CLASS files.

This button immediately compiles the library only on the current node, but updates information used by the Pega-RULES agent during system pulse processing. On each other node of a multinode cluster, this causes the Pega-RULES agent to re-extract and recompile this library during the next system pulse for that node.

About Library rules