Hotfix Manager fields and controls

The Hotfix Details area lists hotfixes that have been applied to your system using Hotfix Manager and provides details about status and history. If you did not use Hotfix Manager to install the hotfix, the hotfix does not appear in this list.

Tab Description
Critical Missing A list of critical hotfixes listed in the catalog that are not yet installed on this system.
Uncommitted A list of installed hotfixes that are not yet permanently committed to the system.
Installed A list of all hotfixes installed on this system through Hotfix Manager; this includes both committed and uncommitted hotfixes.
History Information about the hotfix contents and status.

The hotfix details tabs include the following fields:

Field Description
Hotfix Name A descriptive name for this hotfix
Hotfix ID The ID number of the hotfix, for example, HFIX-102.
Product The product that requires this hotfix. If your system includes Pega-supplied applications, this field includes the application.
Status The status of this hotfix:
  • Uncommitted – Installed hotfixes that are not yet permanently committed to the system and can be rolled back.
  • Committed – Installed hotfixes that are permanently committed to the system.
  • Rolled Back – Hotfixes that were installed to the system but removed before being committed. These changes have not been applied to your system.
Operator ID of the operator who completed the specified action.
Time stamp The date and time of the specified action on this hotfix.
Details Opens a window with information about this hotfix, including:
  • Changes that the hotfix includes
  • Status for each change and the reason for the status