About importing XSD or DTD files

When you import an XSD or DTD file with the Connector and Metadata wizard, the wizard creates in Pega Platform the data model described in the XSD or DTD file. The wizard does the following:

  • Uploads and analyzes a DTD or XSD file that you create or identify
  • Creates class rules that represent each element or type defined in the document and properties that define each parameter
  • Creates Parse XML rules and XML stream rules


Before you begin, complete the following steps:

  1. Identify the RuleSet and version to contain the generated rules.
  2. (Optional but recommended.) Create or identify an abstract class rule for the wizard to use as the container or base for the generated items. Typically, you use a class derived from the Data- or Work- base class. If you do not create the base class before you begin, the wizard can create one for you.
  3. Open and examine the class rule you identified to confirm that it allows subclassing and allows rules to be added to the RuleSet you identified.
  4. Determine the URL of the DTD or XSD file.

Starting the wizard

Select Configure > Integration > Connectors > Connector and Metadata wizard to start the wizard.

When the wizard starts, you can click the Help button on any form for help about that form.