Tools for integration development tasks

Use these links to learn about the Pega Platform tools, accelerators, landing pages, and wizards that support the integration capabilities of your applications.

Many wizards and accelerators create work items. You can find open and resolved wizard and accelerator work items by using Configure > Application > Tools > All Wizards . (Some wizards use no work items or only temporary work items, which do not appear in this report.)

Name Purpose
Connector and Metadata wizard Imports information about an external application or system and generates rules and data objects that your Pega Platform applications can use to communicate with that external system
Connectors Helps you define and manage interfaces between a Pega Platform application (acting as a client) and external systems (acting as servers).
Eform rules accelerator Uses a flow to guide you through the process of creating an eForm file rule and its corresponding eForm map rule, for PDF file output.
Email Accounts Displays a list of configured email accounts in this Pega Platform system.
Email Listener Displays a list of configured email listeners.
Email Wizard Guides you through configuration required to create and manage a work object generated from an incoming email or to create an email account.
Inbound (email) Displays a detailed list of all email listeners currently configured.
JavaBean viewer Allows you to view the properties of a JavaBean.
Outbound (email) Displays a list of outbound email server connections.
Parse Infer rule debugger Test and debug an activity that uses the Text-Infer method,
Rule-from-File wizard Create a flow, decision table, decision tree, or map value by importing a Windows text or XML file in an appropriate format.
Services Lists services in the current application.
Service Wizard Creates service rules and supporting resource data instances for most service types.
Wizard Cleanup Review work items created by the Connector and Metadata wizard, and the Services accelerator.