Connector and Metadata wizard – Completing the Choose Purpose form

Complete the fields in this form and then click Next.

Field Description
Purpose Select either Generate Connector Rules or Generate Data Mapping Rules.
Metadata Type Select the kind of metadata the wizard is to import and examine. The options in the selection list vary depending on what you specified in the Purpose field.

Generate Connector Rules

  • EJB Interface
  • Java class
  • WSDL File
  • SQL

See About generating connector rules.

Generate Data Mapping Rules

  • XML Schema Definition (XSD)
  • Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • JavaBean

See About importing JavaBeans or About importing XSD or DTD Files.

Property Page Mode This field is displayed when you select Generate Data Mapping Rules in the Purpose field and Java Bean in the Metadata Type field. Select whether you want to generate Java wrapper classes.
  • Java – Select this option when you want to generate Java wrapper classes.
  • Standard value and page – Select this option when you do not want to generate Java wrapper classes.
RuleSet Name Select an existing RuleSet to contain the generated rules.
RuleSet Version Select the version of the RuleSet for the generated rules.
Base Class Select the abstract class rule that you identified or created for the wizard to use as the container or base for the generated rules.

The wizard creates one or more subclasses of this class rule and adds properties and other rules as appropriate.

Connector Activity Class This field appears when generating connector rules only. Select the class rule to become the Applies To key part of the connector activity. By default, this field displays the name of your current work pool, a subclass of the Work- base class.