Connector and Metadata wizard – Completing the Initial Parameters form (SQL)

When you select SQL on the Choose Purpose form, you use the Initial Parameters form to identify the database that holds the table you want to interact with. Identify the database and table, and then click Next.

Field Description
Database Name Select the database you identified or created for this connector rule. The selection list includes all the database name instances ( Data-Admin-DB-Name ) in your system.
Schema Enter the name of the schema that includes the table that you want to connect to.
Purpose Enter a short name that reflects the reason why you want to query this database table. The name you enter in this field becomes the name of the class rule that represents the external table (known as an external class). Start the name with a letter and use only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
Table Name Select the table you want to connect to. The selection list includes all the tables in the database and the schema you identified in the Database Name and Schema fields.