Connector and Metadata wizard – Completing the Initial Parameters form

If you selected Java class, WSDL file, DOT NET, XSD, DTD, or JavaBean in the Metadata Type field of the Choose Purpose form, the Initial Parameters form appears.

  • For WSDL, .NET, XSD, or DTD, enter the URL of the file you want to import.
  • Start the URL with http:// for WSDL files on external servers, or it for WSDL files on the Pega Platform server. (If the PRPC server is hosted by Windows, you can simply enter a path: C:\zzz\zzz\ServiceExport\..\zzz.wsdl.)
  • For Java class or JavaBean, enter the fully qualified Java class name of the class you want to connect to. Enter the name of the class, even if it is in a .jar file. For example:

Then click Next.