Connector and Metadata wizard - Define Intended Operations form (SQL)

After you specify the external database table you want to connect to, use this form to indicate what kind of activities the wizard will generate.

If the table you specified on the Initial Parameters form has no column keys, the only option is Browse the database. Select one or more operations from the list, and then click Next.

Operation Description
Browse the database A browse activity uses the Obj-List method to retrieve multiple records from the table and put them on clipboard pages. (A subsequent form prompts you to specify the criteria for the list query implemented through the generated activity.)
Open a single record An open activity uses the Obj-Open method to retrieve a single record from the table and put it on a clipboard page.
Update and save records An update activity uses the Obj-Save method to save a clipboard page in the external table.
Delete records A delete activity uses the Obj-Delete method to delete a record from the external table.