Authenticating target systems

Authenticate each target system to which the product is migrated.

Field Description
Host Name Target server host name.
Port Number Target server port number.
Context Root Target server context root name, for example, prweb.
Username Enter the server user ID.
Password Enter the server password.
Finish Click to submit the request and begin the migration process, which includes:
  • Creating the file, which uses the following naming convention:<product name _version number[-patch number] >, for example, or
  • Creating

    work item IDs for each of the destination systems, using a prefix of

Back Click to return to the previous form and revise your entries.

When you submit the request, the source system creates a .zip archive file and a covered work item for each target system. The process then attempts to connect to each target system and place the .zip file on its ServiceExport directory.

  • If the connection succeeds and the file is successfully loaded onto the server, the work item is resolved.
  • If the connection fails or the file is not loaded because of a system error, the work item status is Pending. You can either retry the connection or cancel the connection attempt, which withdraws and resolves the work item.