Using the Rename a Class wizard — Step 3

Step 3: Are RuleSet Versions Locked

If the wizard finds rules to be modified in locked RuleSets or locked RuleSet Versions, this form displays a list of the locked RuleSets and RuleSet versions. You can Click Export to Excel to save this listing in a spreadsheet. For each RuleSet version, supply a password to unlock the RuleSet or check Skip.

  • If you provide a password, the wizard unlocks the RuleSet version, renames the rules as specified, and then relocks the RuleSet.
  • If you choose Skip, the wizard will not rename rules in the RuleSet. These rules will be listed on the wizard summary page with a status of SKIPPED.

click Next >> to continue to the next form of the wizard.

Click <<Back to return to the previous step. Click Cancel and then click Done to cancel the wizard.

About the Rename a Class wizard