Using the Rename a Class wizard — Step 4

Step 4: Are Any Rules Checked Out

If the wizard finds that rules to be modified are checked out, this page displays a warning. Click Display to open a report of the checked out rules. From the report window you can open the rules or Click Export to Excel to save a list of the rules in a spreadsheet.

Use the report window to review the checked out rule. Check in any rules you have checked out and arrange for any rules in the report that are checked out by other users to be checked in.

When all rules are checked in, click Next>> to continue.

Click <<Back to return to an earlier step, or click Cancel and then click Done to cancel the wizard.


You can continue the rename process with checked out rules. The wizard will rename the original rule, but checked out instances of the rule will not be modified. As a result, the checked out instances will no longer be able to be checked in and changes to the checked out instances will be lost.

If you exit the wizard to arrange for rules to be checked in, resume the renaming process by restarting the wizard from the beginning.

About the Rename a Class wizard