Pega Document Scanning

Pega Document Scanning is a multi-page scan control feature that lets you scan in documents using a scanner connected to your workstation and to attach the scanned documents to work items. You can also configure default scanner settings.

Pega Document Scanning supports most scanners and utilizes TWAIN drivers. It requires prerequisite software in order to run on a client workstation. If this software is not installed on the client, a message displays to the user and the required software is installed automatically if the user has appropriate Windows privileges. See the Pega Community article Installing Pega Document Scanning software.

Launch Scanner Configuration

The standard flow action Work-.pyLaunchScannerConfiguration gives users the ability to perform scanner configuration features such as color format, file format, paper source, resolution, and the name of temporary folder that will hold the scanned file before uploading to the Pega Platform.

When you add this flow action to a flow, the user can configure the scanner options for a scanner connected to their workstation.

When the user selects this flow action, the Launch Scanner Configuration window appears. Supported formats and resolution depend on the capabilities of the scanner.

  1. Scanner: Displays the name of the scanner connected to your system. Click Change to select the correct name of the scanner. In the Select Source window, click the scanner name, then click Select.
  2. From the Color Format drop-down menu, select Color, Black and White, or Grayscale.
  3. From the File Format drop-down menu, select TIF or PDF.
  4. From the Source drop-down menu, select Feeder (Scan one side) or Feeder (Scan both sides).
  5. From the Resolution (DPI) drop-down menu, select 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, or 600.
  6. Enter the name of a Temporary folder for the scanned image. The image will be stored here before being transferred to the Pega Platform application.
  7. Click Save as defaults, then click the red X to close the configuration window. The default values are saved per Operator ID.

Create Scanned Document

The standard flow action Work-.pyCreateScannedDocument gives users the ability to scan a document directly into a scanner connected to their workstation and attach it to the current work item. You can also configure the scanner from this flow action.

When the user selects this flow action, the Create Scanned Document window appears. You can click Scanner Configuration to configure your Scanner according to the instructions in the section above or complete the fields and scan the document.

  1. In the Attachment Category field, select any category from the drop-down menu. If no category is selected, the default category File is set on the attachment.
  2. Add a Note if desired.
  3. Click Scan. You can follow the progress of the scanned image on the screen. The file is uploaded to the Pega Platform, and a message reports when the upload is done.
  4. Click Submit to complete the Scan action.
  5. To view the new attachment, click the paper clip icon, then select the image to view in your default image viewer.
  6. Alternatively, if you wish to view the image using the Image Viewer from within the application, add the Work-ViewImageAttachments flow action to your flow. This feature eliminates the need to use an external application to view images.