Pega Platform supports accessibility through the use of Accessible Rich Internet Application (WAI-ARIA) roles. The WAI-ARIA role indicates the type of content or functionality within the dynamic layout. Roles may be added to a dynamic layout specify the role of the dynamic layout. By default, WAI-ARIA roles are assigned to screen layouts and dynamic containers.

WAI-ARIA roles come in three varieties to support three different types of application content.

  • Landmark – A landmark is navigational a region of the page to which the user may want quick access. Landmark content is purpose-specific, relating to navigation, search, or consuming content. Some examples of roles are banner, form, navigation, or search.
  • Document structure – The document structure roles describe structure of the page content. Typically the document structure roles are not interactive. Document structure includes elements such as row or column headings, notes, or presentations.
  • Component/Widget – A component is an interactive interface object. Widget roles map to standard features in accessibility APIs. When the user navigates to a widget, assistive technologies should intercept keyboard events and pass them through the web application to the widget.

WAI-ARIA role reference

For more information on WAI-ARIA roles, the visit the World Wide Web Consortium web site at w3.org. Search for content related to Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA).