Adding a main content link to a dynamic layout

A main content link allows a user navigating an application with the keyboard to tab through the interface to pass over non-essential elements and move directly to the most important area of the page. Tabbing past navigation, banners, and non-essential content saves the user time in reaching the main content area.

When the Tab key is pressed, the skip to main content link appears at the top of the page. When selected by pressing the Enter key, focus moves to the area designated by the developer as main content.

  1. Click the Gear icon on a dynamic layout tab to open the Properties panel.
  2. In the dynamic layout cell properties, expand the Accessibility options.
  3. Select Landmark as the Role Type and click the Select button.
  4. Select Main as the Value. The value will differ, depending on the role type selected.
  5. Click Submit to close the modal dialog and then save the dynamic layout.