Pega Upgrade Center

Experience the newest features of Pega Platform and applications

Why upgrade?

Get access to the latest features and capabilities of Pega Platform or your Pega applications with an upgrade. Upgrades give you access to a wealth of new features not available in earlier Pega versions.

Start your digital transformation journey today with the latest Pega Platform™ and CRM Suite release.

The Upgrade Journey

Every upgrade, for Pega Cloud, Pega Platform, or an application, starts with a plan.



Before you upgrade, prepare your business and applications for the upgrade.



Upgrade to the latest version of Pega Platform and Pega-supplied applications.



Test your upgrade with a suite of automated regression tests.

Upgrade Choices

Pega Cloud

Pega Cloud Services upgrades both Pega Platform and the Pega applications running in your subscription environment. After the upgrade is complete, most clients must log into their Pega application in their environment and perform some post-upgrade steps.

Pega Platform

Upgrade Pega Platform in on-premises systems to get the latest security enhancements and new Pega functionality. Review the latest Platform Support Guide and deployment guides for your implementation.


When upgrading a Pega application in your on-premises systems, you need to understand the technical implications and level of effort. Get the latest information for your application with the application upgrade guides.