Stay current with Pega

Experience the newest features of Pega Platform™ and applications

Get the most out of your Pega subscriptions

When you use the latest version of Pega Infinity™, you deliver the maximum value to your customers by using enhanced Pega capabilities, new features, performance improvements, and security fixes. By upgrading to the latest and then staying current with the latest software patch, you accelerate the time-to-value and pave the path to digital transformation.

Upgrade your Pega deployment to the latest

Pega Cloud Services keeps you current

Pega Cloud® Services upgrades both Pega Platform and the Pega applications running in your subscription environment. Upgrades from 8.4.2 and later are completed with near-zero-downtime. With each software upgrade, Pega commits to making Pega Platform and Pega application software changes that are backwards compatible and include the latest security updates, capabilities, feature enhancements, performance improvements, and supportability enhancements.

Between software upgrades, Pega Cloud Services proactively patches your environments during your maintenance window with zero downtime. Each patch includes important security, supportability, and reliability improvements. Patches also include fixes that are based on a wide range of client feedback.

Pega Cloud Services subscriptions also includes environment infrastructure updates with zero downtime and without affecting the Pega software. Infrastructure updates include the latest security and performance benefits, service enhancements, and new capabilities.

Upgrade or patch your on-premises systems

On-premises clients running Pega Infinity can experience similar upgrade improvements as Pega Cloud clients; however clients manage the upgrade process using Pega-provided tools and software. To upgrade your system to the latest version of Pega Platform, follow the flow on Install or upgrade Pega Platform.

Looking to apply a Pega Infinity patch or Pega Platform hotfix? For details, see Pega Platform patch release schedule and contents or Applying hotfixes.

Pega Cloud offers a fully-managed cloud service platform that provides the latest Pega Infinity and Strategic Business applications as-a-service that allows you to run your mission-critical Pega workloads. For details, see Learn about Pega Cloud Services.

Running an older version of Pega software? Consider the Pega modernization program, in which Pega engages with clients to help them upgrade to the latest Pega Infinity version. To explore your options, see Overview of Migration and Modernization.

After you submit your details, a Pega migration expert can partner with you on the best modernization journey for your business needs.

    The Upgrade Journey

    Work with Pega to plan your upgrade.

    STAGE 1

    Assess and plan

    Pega provides upgrade assessment tools for some Pega applications. Get started by reviewing the checklist that outlines the client journey.

    STAGE 2

    Review your upgraded, cloned environment

    After you request your Pega Cloud upgrade, Pega clones one of your staging environments and completes a basic upgrade.

    STAGE 3

    Validate and test your upgrade

    Use CI/CD pipelines to sync the rules from your production environment to your cloned, upgraded environment. Perform compatibility testing and validation to verify that your application functions as expected using the latest rules in the basic upgrade package.

    STAGE 4

    Accept upgrade on production

    Update your CI/CD pipelines to promote your tested rules to a temporary production environment and perform confidence testing.

    If you upgrade from 8.4, you communicate a go/no-go decision of your production environment upgrade after completing your confidence testing. With your go decision, Pega completes a basic upgrade to your production environment with near-zero-downtime.


    STAGE 5

    Upgrade dev/test and staging environments

    Pega completes basic upgrades across your non-production environments during your defined maintenance window within seven days of completing the basic upgrade of your production environment.

    You import any required rules and data changes (if any) discovered during application compatibility testing and validation from your upgraded, cloned staging environment.

    Non-production environment upgrades do not require Go/No-Go client approval.

    Stage 6

    Adopt the latest features into your Pega applications

    After completion of the basic upgrade phase, you can begin adopting the latest Pega features without any upgrade impact on your current application. Enable and integrate the new features of the latest release across your relevant applications and all of your Dev/Test, Staging, and production environments using DevOps pipelines. For details, see Configuring and running pipelines with Deployment Manager 4.8.x.