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The Location Recorder API defines a flexible solution for geolocation track recording. You can create multiple independent Recorder objects, configure them differently and manage their life-cycle independently. Changes made in one object are propagated asynchronously to the other objects with the same identifier. Do not use this API unless you need to restore a reference to a running tracker after an application has crashed or a page has been reloaded.

To make sure that there is only one instance of the recorder object with a given identifier within a WebView, there is no constructor for the object.


Location data is sent to the Pega Platform by using the data synchronization mechanism.


This object belongs to the PRPC Location Recorder product module.


Name Description Type
Configuration The Configuration object with five enumerable properties that defines the Recorder object's behavior. object
Status The Status enum that defines four available states of the Recorder object. object


The following table lists the error codes predefined for a Recorder instance.

Constant Description
window.launchbox.PRPC.LocationRecorder.IllegalOperationError The requested operation cannot be performed.
window.launchbox.PRPC.LocationRecorder.LocationClientStoreClosedError It was impossible to synchronize data using the PRPC Client Store API.
window.launchbox.PRPC.LocationRecorder.LocationNotAvailableError The device was unable to retrieve the position information. It usually means that the device has no network connectivity and/or cannot get a satellite fix.
window.launchbox.PRPC.LocationRecorder.LocationServicesPermissionError The user does not allow the application to retrieve the position information.


Name Return type Description
recorder promise

Creates a new Recorder object with a given identifier.

availableRecorders promise

Retrieves a map of existing recorder instances.

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