Compliance Score tab

Use the Compliance Score tab on the Application Guardrails landing page to understand guardrail violations from an executive-level point of view. The metrics on this tab help you see how complex or custom code is introduced over time, the effect of those changes on project quality, and the status of tasks in the Application Security Checklist.

Additional options allow you to communicate these details to application stakeholders.

You can view the following metrics:

  • Compliance score – Measures overall application compliance with Pega Platform best practices, based on warning severity and whether the warnings are justified.
  • % Compliant rules – The percentage of rules in your application that do not have severe, moderate, or informational warnings.
  • Rules with warnings or Rules with unjustified warnings – Both options list rules by name, ruleset, rule type, Applies To class, last update time, and who made the last change.
The following rules are included in or excluded from compliance score metrics:
  • All property rules are excluded.

  • All rules in Pega* rulesets are excluded.

  • Your custom warnings are included.

  • Warnings on rules imported from other systems are included.

    You might see legacy warning messages on imported rules until you explicitly resave them.

  • All your checked-out rules are included.

The Warning Details tab provides a centralized view of these warnings, with more information about the actions that you can take to resolve them.