Warning Details tab

The Warning Details tab on the Application Guardrails landing page provides a centralized view of all application warnings, along with more information on the actions you can take to resolve them.

Note: Use the additional tools on the HTML5 Application Readiness landing page to resolve warnings by upgrading to the latest HTML markup.

Because warnings are a specific category of messages, you can use the Records Explorer to view the full catalog of warnings. For more information, see Finding messages in your application.

Each row in the table represents a rule with an attached warning. Results are filtered, based on the selections you make in the application scoping control.

  • The same rule may appear more than once because a rule can have multiple warnings associated with it.

  • Each column can be sorted or filtered.

  • Each row includes links to open rules or operators.

  • When you expand a row, all warnings attached to that rule are displayed.

Note: Transient warnings are not included in this table. You must save a rule and review the rule form header for this type of warning because transient warnings are not persistent in the database

Warnings attached to the imported rules also appear in this table, along with any associated justifications. However, when you manually re-save a rule, legacy warnings might be replaced with an updated message. If this occurs, justifications that were previously entered for legacy warnings are discarded.

Additional options allow you to export warnings to Microsoft Excel and share them with project stakeholders.

When you are finished filtering results, click Export to Excel to create a spreadsheet that you can save to your local system for offline analysis.

Alternatively, click Schedule Report to automatically email a spreadsheet to stakeholders.