Extension points and supporting rules for attachments

You can use extension points, system settings, and standard rules to customize the processing that occurs when you add an attachment to a case. For example, you can scan an attachment for viruses or provide a user action that converts an attachment to a Portable Document Format (PDF).

The following rules support attachments in a case:

  • Data-WorkAttach-File.CallVirusCheck - An activity that you can override to integrate your application with an external virus-checking module, such as a Java routine or Windows DDL file.

  • Link-Attachment.AttachmentList.ALL - A list view that you can override to change the number of attachments that are displayed in a case.

    By default, a case displays the first one hundred attachments that are associated with it.

  • Work-.EditAttachment - A flow action that you can add to a process so that users can open and edit file attachments in a case.

    When you submit the form for this flow action, your application creates a new version of the attachment.

  • Initialization/MaximumFileUploadSizeMB - An attribute that you can set in the prconfig.xml file to change the default size limit of 1GB for attachments.

  • Work-.ConvertAttachmenttoPDF - A flow action that you can add to a process so that users can convert Microsoft Word documents to Portable Document Formats.

  • pc_data_workattach - The default table in the database that you can query to retrieve case attachments.

    You can also store case attachments in external CMIS repositories or web storage providers.