Setting case status in a flow

You can use shapes in a flow diagram to set the status of a case. By changing the status of a case at different points in the life cycle, you can communicate to stakeholders how close a case is to resolution.

  1. Open a flow by searching for it or using the Application Explorer.

  2. Double-click a shape in the flow diagram.

  3. In the property panel for the shape, press the Down Arrow key in the Work status field and select a status to assign to the case.

    The location of the Work status field in the property panel varies, based on the shape that you are configuring. For example, the field can be embedded in a collapsed section.

  4. Click Submit to close the property panel.

    An icon is displayed on all connectors to the shape to indicate that the status of the case changes when the shape is processed.

  5. Click Save.

At run time, the UpdateStatus activity updates the .pyStatusWork property when the shape is reached in the flow, and tickets that depend on the changed status are raised.