Work Group form – Completing the Work Group tab

Complete the Work Group tab to identify the manager or supervisor and contacts of this work group and a work queue for assignments routed to the group.

Routing tasks and notification tasks can use the information on this tab.

Field Description
Manager Enter the Operator ID of the manager of this group.
Default Work queue Identify a work queue associated with this work group. The standard router activity Work-.ToDefaultWorkbasket uses this value to locate a work queue, based on the work group associated with the current operator. (No other standard rules depend on this field.)

If your application uses the Work-.ToDefaultWorkbasket router activity, enter the same work queue name on the Work Settings tab of at least one Operator ID instance for an operator who belongs to the work group. This allows the GetNextWork processing to include this work queue when searching for assignments. See Maximizing user productivity with GetNextWork.

Contacts Optional. Enter one or more Operator IDs associated with this work group. These operators need not be members of the work group. This array is not used by any standard rules.

About Work Group data instances