Discarding revisions

When test users finish testing a revision and find that it is not working as expected, you can discard the revision from the production system.

  1. Click Designer Studio > Decisioning > Infrastructure > Revision Management > Revisions.
  2. Click Discard next to a revision with the Test status.

The revision is removed. Discarding a revision results in the following system changes:

  • The current application version is deleted.
  • The access group of application operators is updated to point to the application version that immediately preceded the version number of the discarded revision. For example, if you discard application version 01.01.02, the operator's access group will point to version 01.01.01.
  • All overlay applications, including the direct deployment overlay, point to the previous application version.
  • The Rollout access group is removed and changes to the previous access group version. For example, PegaBank:AdministratorsRollout changes back to PegaBank:Administrators.